One step individual-centric differentiation medium

PredictCan Biotechnologies has developed OneSmartDiff, a one-step customizable cell differentiation/polarization medium to facilitate and to improve your research results.



  • Ready-to-use cell differentiation/polarization media for a one-step differentiation of monocytes to various macrophage-like cell and dendritic cell populations
  • Generate macrophage-like cells and dendritic cells from multiple subjects enabling the analysis of the interindividual heterogeneity
  • Select the target population based on non-genetic factors such as age or/and sex
  • Study immune cells differentiation and function in pathological conditions versus healthy status

The differentiation of monocytes into educated macrophages and dendritic cells is dependent on the age and the sex of the subject.

PBMCs phenotyping & phagocytosis in pathological condition

PBMCs from a healthy donor were cultured in OneSmartDiff medium prepared from either healthy subjects or from patients with hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). Ten individuals were included in each cohort. Markers expression and biological activity were assessed by flow cytometry.